CityU VMC | Ophthalmology Service

CityU VMC proudly offers a comprehensive range of advanced veterinary ophthalmology and ophthalmic surgery services tailored specifically for dogs and cats.

Our ophthalmology service is overseen by a highly skilled board-certified veterinary ophthalmology specialist, supported by dedicated veterinary nurses and technicians trained in ophthalmology techniques.

To provide the highest standard of care, our cutting-edge ophthalmology suite is equipped with state-of-the-art surgical, diagnostic, and imaging equipment, including CT and MRI capabilities. With our advanced resources and expertise, we aim to enhance the ophthalmic health of your beloved pets, ultimately improving their overall quality of life, alleviating discomfort, and minimizing the risk of associated ailments.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive eye examinations
  • Diagnostic imaging, including ocular ultrasound and advanced imaging techniques
  • Treatment of common eye conditions, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and corneal ulcers
  • Eye surgery, including corneal surgery, eyelid surgery, and intraocular surgery
  • Management of ocular diseases, including uveitis and retinal disorders
  • Emergency eye care

We work closely with other veterinary specialists, including our anesthesia service, to provide comprehensive care for your pets.

At CityU VMC, our commitment extends beyond the immediate treatment phase. We believe in providing thorough follow-up care to ensure our patients’ long-term success and ophthalmic health. To facilitate this, we provide our clients with detailed home-care instructions, personalized diet counselling, and periodic professional ophthalmology guidance, allowing for the best possible outcomes.

Specialist in Ophthalmology