Dr. Stefan HOBI

Specialist in Dermatology, Dip. ECVD and AiCVD
HK registered & European recognized Specialist in Dermatology
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, City University of Hong Kong

Dr. Hobi graduated from the Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zurich, Switzerland in 2007. After two years as a veterinary assistant, and a doctoral thesis about hypersensitivity disorders in cats, he completed a 15-month internship in a large small animal hospital in Switzerland. To bring his great passion closer, he then commenced a three-year residency in animal dermatology at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. During this time he not only met other members of our staff, the lovely Peter Holler and Julia Simak, but unfortunately also some unpopular parasites and microorganisms which now also belong to his friendship circle.

Besides this, Stefan was also involved in teaching of students, interns and doctoral students. He also gives dermatology lectures to private practitioners all over the world, most outstandingly at a symposium of the World Congress in Veterinary Dermatology in Vancouver, Canada.

He has authored and published multiple articles and case reports in veterinary and human dermatology journals and is also a reviewer of the international Veterinary Dermatology journal.

Dr Hobi emphasizes that it is very important to him not only taking care about all the different skin and ear problems but also to make those diseases more understandable for the owners.

Veterinary dermatology does not only mean steroids and antibiotics but also a wide range of other possibilities and procedures similar to human medicine, which he now wants to introduce to Hong Kong.

​As typical Swiss, Stefan loves eating cheese and chocolate but to stay in good shape he also does some sports. In addition he enjoys going to the cinema, spending some time with his friends and family members, and travelling.


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Book Chapters

  • Advances in Veterinary Dermatology, Volume 7, Proceedings of the Seventh World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology, Vancouver, Canada, July 24-28, 2012, Work Shop Report: Challenges in Otitis