Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Service

Dr. Jaylen C.L. CHANG

Rehabilitation Veterinarian

National Taiwan University

Dr. Jaylen CHANG, a devoted veterinary rehabilitation professional, began his veterinary journey at the National Taiwan University (NTU), where he earned a DVM in 2014 and later completed an internship and a master’s degree in veterinary medicine. After working as a general practice veterinarian for a few years, Dr. CHANG transitioned into a dedicated veterinary rehabilitation hospital in Taipei, nurturing his interest in rehabilitation. He became a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) from the University of Tennessee in 2022. He also provides Veterinary Acupuncture services, aiming to offer a comprehensive approach to patient care.

Dr. CHANG is passionate about veterinary rehabilitation and is particularly interested in pain management and sports medicine. Dr. CHANG enjoys alleviating patients’ pain and enhancing their mobility. He believes in the motto: “No pain, all gain,” driving him to design personalised rehabilitation programs to help each patient and their family.

Outside his professional realm, Dr. CHANG loves playing badminton. He also appreciates nature’s serenity through hiking. Additionally, Dr. CHANG actively participates in working dog NGOs in Taiwan, enhancing the health and welfare of working dogs.