Export Certification

Hong Kong people like traveling, so do our pets.

As a legal requirement by the Hong Kong government, a veterinary certificate issued by a registered veterinarian is necessary when it comes to exporting a pet animal.

The primary care veterinarians at CityU VMC, all fully endorsed by the government, are here to help you and your pet make the process a smooth and pressure-free one. Our vets can make sure that your pet is microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and some common infectious diseases and provide a health certificate document to them.

Most importantly, we can provide a brief assessment and see if the pet is fit for travel. Owner can request extra tests such as chest x-rays, blood test before traveling. We will issue a health certificate after a physical exam.

Since we are not able to suggest the types of documents required for import in any countries you may go, you are also advised to do your own research and fulfill the legal requirements of the destination countries for importation and related regulations of the airlines.