Puppy and Kitten Wellness Programme

Puppy & Kitten Wellness Programme

Care for the health of your furry babies

Ensure a healthy and happy start of life



Comprehensive coverage: cater for the essential health needs of puppies and kittens in first year of life

Continuous care: our professional medical team consists of dedicated veterinarians and staff closely monitor your pet’s condition to aim for early detection of any potential health issues


Programme details: 

Includes: ONE ER consultation fee within the term@

  • Our veterinarian will determine your pet’s suitability for the programme at the time of the first consultation.
  • For maximum protection, we strongly recommend you enroll your pet between 6 weeks and 1.5 year age.
  • This programme is subject to the relevant terms and conditions, please contact our Customer Service for details.

Puppy (male)


Puppy (female)


Kitten (male)


Kitten (female)


#Please refer to our website here for the full list of vaccinations for puppy and kitten.

*Medication charges are included for routine desexing. Desexing is recommended from 5 months old for females and before 1 year old for males at the time of surgery. Subject to veterinarian’s assessment and recommendation.

⁺For puppies only  

@For ER consultation fee only. Medication and diagnostic charges are excluded. The term of the programme is valid for 12-month from the commencement date. Please refer to terms and conditions for details.

Additional operation charges, medication, diagnostic procedures fees and sundries charges subject to the actual medical conditions that are outside the coverage of this programme will be incurred.


Contact us at:
Appointment or Enquiry: 3650 3000

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