Residency-Trained Veterinarian (Neurology)

Dr. Shanshan GUO

Residency-Trained Veterinarian (Neurology)


Dr. Shanshan Guo was born and grew up in Beijing. After graduating from the Department of Biological Science at Tsinghua University, she studied Veterinary Science at the University of Bristol in the U.K. She has settled in Hong Kong and has worked at CityU VMC since 2005, with interests in both Internal Medicine and Surgery. She completed the Sonology course provided by Sydney University in 2008. She uses abdominal and heart ultrasound regularly and finds it very useful in diagnosis and making decision in treatment and surgical plans.

In 2016 Shanshan commenced an ECVN residency training with Dr. Diane Lu, Specialist in Neurology.

She enjoys very much the busy and exciting life in Hong Kong and CityU VMC. She also enjoys the company of her husband and two cats, who are most handsome but enjoy their food just slightly too much…She likes travelling and making desserts in her leisure time.