Dr. Peter HOLLER

Specialist in Cardiology, Dip.ACVIM (Cardiology), CVA
HK registered & American recognized Specialist in Cardiology

Dr. Peter Holler is a graduate from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, Austria.  He obtained his veterinary degree in 2008.  After gaining scientific experience as a Research Associate he completed his doctoral thesis about advanced diagnostic imaging modalities for the enhancement and improvement of pre-surgical procedure planning.

While finishing a rotating internship program in small animal medicine and surgery he discovered his special interest in cardiology. This interest led to the rigorous demands of a cardiology residency program under guidelines of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine at the University of Munich, Germany, in 2011.  After successfully completing the residency, he became an ACVIM board-certified cardiologist in 2014. During the residency he gathered insights and experience in human pediatric cardiology as well to enhance his knowledge of interventional cardiology.  Dr. Holler remained one additional year in Munich at the university as a clinical instructor, being in charge of the cardiology service there before coming to work in Hong Kong.  He also contributed various scientific publications and lectures to enhance the knowledge base of veterinary cardiology.

His love for cardiology is based on the fact that it combines various aspects of veterinary medicine (e.g. internal medicine, surgery, diagnostic imaging) and requires close client interaction. It also involves solving difficult problems and poses an everyday challenge to find the optimal treatment for each individual patient to facilitate optimal life quality and prolonged survival time, even with severe heart disease. Dr. Holler has a close working relationship with Dr. Simak-Böhm at CityU VMC – both striving to enhance the cardiology service and quality of life for animals with heart disease.

When Peter is not working, he enjoys doing sports or going to the cinema, spending time with his family and friends and eating Dim Sum.