Primary Care Veterinarian

Dr. Kirra Balmanno graduated from the University of Queensland in 2013, beginning her career as a veterinarian in small animal practice in Melbourne. In 2016 Dr. Kirra moved to the United Kingdom, working throughout England and Wales as a locum veterinarian in both primary care and emergency medicine. Her lust for adventure has led her to some unique places with unique patients, from vaccinating wallabies in Northern Australia to microchipping lions in South Africa!

Alongside her passion for veterinary medicine and endless learning is her love for long distance running – Dr. Kirra has run and raced around the world, from the Alps to the Himalayas, competing at an elite level in ultra running. She puts the same energy into taking care of her patients as she does into running 100km+ races through high mountains!

Kirra is very excited to join the team at CityU.