Dr. Antonio GIULIANO

Specialist in Oncology

DVM, MS, PgCert(CT), GpCert(SAM)
Dip. ECVIM(Oncology), MRCVS
HK Registered and RCVS and European Recognized Specialist in Small Animal Oncology
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, City University of Hong Kong

Dr. Antonio Giuliano graduated from the University of Messina in 2007. While working in general practice he completed a master degree in Small Animal Oncology from the University of Pisa, a post graduate certificate in cancer therapeutic at Barts Cancer Institute and the GpCert(SAM) in internal medicine.

He completed a rotating internship in a busy referral practice in UK and an oncology internship and residency at the Queen Veterinary School Teaching Hospital (QVSH), at the University of Cambridge.

After successfully completing the residency, he worked for one year as oncology clinician and supervisor at the same institution. Dr Giuliano became an ECVIM board-certified oncologist in 2019 before joining CityU VMC.

He recently completed a human medicine certificate in immune-oncology (one of his cancer treatment modalities of interest)

He published numerous articles in international peer reviewed journals and presented his research works in many international conferences.

He has conducted clinical trials while in UK and he is continuing his work in HK. He also reviewer for some veterinary journals.
He has previously done volunteer works in charities for dogs and wildlife animals all around the worlds.




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Selected oral presentations

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